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I’m H I L L A R Y  R O S E.  Thanks for stopping by Reads & Roses. I review books from different genres weekly, so make sure you subscribe to receive new ideas for your TBR list!

In addition to reviewing books, I’ve written four YA books. I’m currently seeking agent representation for my YA fantasy duology titled Ever, consisting of Ever Unrivaled and Ever Unquelled.

I’m excited to share that Ever Unrivaled was a 2018 finalist of the Killer Nashville Claymore Award. I love attending writing conferences and making connections with other aspiring writers, so don’t forget to find me on Instagram!




Aside from writing, I’ve taught classical ballet for over a decade, connecting with my young adult audience in a unique way. I recently launched Spruce Up, a luxury home organizing and decluttering business in the Colorado Springs area. To learn more, visit Spruce Up, LLC