The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Title: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up
Author: Marie Kondo
Genre: Nonfiction, Lifestyle, Minimalism, Self Help
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
Release Date: January 15th, 2011

For those of you who regularly keep up with this book review blog (thank you, by the way!), you will notice right away that this week’s review is a step away from my usual reads. This is due to the fact that life is officially getting insane with the holidays, NaNoWriMo (anyone else writing 50,000 this month? I salute you.), and Nutcracker craziness at my dance studio. I needed a quick break to reset before the holiday madness. Anyone else?

The need for a reset, not just in my home but in my life as well, prompted me to pick up this book for yet another read. I first read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing last year around this time. Recognizing the stress that builds up around this time of year, I decided to pick it up again for a thorough read-through, highlighting all the way. Even though The KonMari Method is supposed to be a one-time decluttering experience, I admit that I didn’t do it thoroughly the first time I read it. But this is the year that I will team up with my hubby and set our home in order!

The KonMari Method boils down to deciding the things in your home that you really love, the things that “spark joy,” and respectfully discarding the rest. (The exception to this statement are the things we need for our jobs, our health, etc.) I love the idea of being surrounded by the things I really love, not by things I thought I needed but actually don’t. When we rid our homes of all the excess, we realize how much we truly need in order to live a happy life. When we let go of things we have needlessly held on to, we are able to process our past in a healthy way and live for the here and now. This can also help empower us to go after the future we want for ourselves. And by giving your house a detox, you give your life one as well.

This book is the book for you if you are looking to get down to the basics of your life, and free yourself of anything that might be holding you back. There is a reason tiny house living is so appealing to me: living a simple, uncluttered life. This is achievable for all living spaces, no matter the size. I read through this book in one sitting quite easily both times. It’s the perfect read for a weekend afternoon, but make sure you leave yourself time to jump off the couch and begin setting your home in order, because that is exactly what you will want to do!

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The Goose Girl

Title: The Goose Girl
Author: Shannon Hale
Series: The Books of Bayern, 1/4
Genre: Fairytale, Fantasy, YA
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Release Date: May 1, 2005

Anidori-Kiladra Talianna Isilee, or Ani as she goes by, is the Princess of Kildenree. Though she is uncomfortable speaking with people, she has a talent for communicating with animals. During her journey to marry the prince of a foreign land, her silver-tongued lady-in-waiting commits an unthinkable crime – she forces the Crown Princess to switch places with her, convincing those traveling with them to switch allegiances as well. Ani finds herself robbed of her position and forced to assume the identity of a servant.

Ani becomes a lowly servant of the king – a goose girl – while the king and prince are fooled by her own deceitful lady-in-waiting. She does not lose heart, however, and continues to use her ability to communicate with the creatures around her. Her heart still leads her to the prince who was destined to be hers all along. But will she be able show her character and true identity, despite those who are working against her?

The Goose Girl will always be one of my favorite Shannon Hale books. Prince Geric is pretty great, but it’s Ani unbreakable spirit that makes this story truly amazing.

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Princess Academy: The Forgotten Sisters

Title: Princess Academy: The Forgotten Sisters
Author: Shannon Hale
Series: Princess Academy, 3/3
Genre: Fantasy, Middle Grade, YA
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Release Date: March 3rd, 2015

Note: This post reviews the third book of the Princess Academy series. You may like to read the first two books in the series, Princess Academy and Princess Academy: Palace of Stonebefore reading this review.

After a year of life in the lowlands, Miri is more than ready to return with her friends to her home on Mount Eskel. But just as she is about to leave the palace, the king sends her on an assignment that will take her far from her home, and far from Asland. Her assignment: to start a princess academy of her own in a swamp land. The student has become the teacher.

Miri is intimidated enough at the prospect of running her very own princess academy, but she is no where near prepared for what awaits her in the swamp. Her students, three cousins of the royal family, are not what she expected and a far cry from princesses-in-training. Miri must use all her knowledge from the princess academy and the Queen’s Castle if these girls – Astrid, Felissa, and Sus – are to successfully complete their training. But this training is only the beginning of a long and dangerous journey. The security of more than one kingdom rests on the shoulders of these three, underestimated sisters.

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Princess Academy: Palace of Stone

Title: Princess Academy: Palace of Stone
Author: Shannon Hale
Series: Princess Academy, 2/3
Genre: Fantasy, Middle Grade, YA
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Release Date: August 21, 2012

Note: This post reviews the second book of the Princess Academy series. You may like to read the first book in the series, Princess Academybefore reading this review.

Miri and her friends are eager to journey down the mountain and help the princess prepare for the upcoming wedding. As Britta’s ladies-in-waiting, Miri and her friends get to live at the palace in Asland – a far cry from the humble life they know in Mount Eskel. On top of that, Miri gets to study as a scholar, and is introduced to a world she never knew existed.

But there is trouble happening in Asland – and Miri finds herself right in the middle of it. During the rising revolution, Miri realizes that she supports the oppressed of Danland, but also her friend who is marrying into the royal family. To make matters more complicated, Miri is drawn to both Timon – a revolutionary enthusiast – and Peder – her childhood friend, and sweetheart. Will she be able to choose between two opposing sides, two loves, and also two homes?

I enjoyed this sequel to Princess Academy, but there are a couple reasons I gave it only 4 roses. 1: I’m really not a fan of love triangles, and this story had a pretty pointed one. 2: This book’s overall feel was so different from Hale’s first book, it almost didn’t feel like the same series. (To be fair, the settings play a huge part in this. The first takes place on an isolated mountain – which I loved – and the second takes place in a crowded city in the middle of a revolution.) But still, a very enjoyable read from Shannon Hale!

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