Emerald Green

Title: Emerald Green
Author: Kerstin Gier, translated from German by Anthea Bell
Series: The Ruby Red Trilogy, book 3/3
Genre: Romance, Time Travel, YA
Publisher: Henry Holt
Release Date: October 7th, 2014 
(first published December 8th, 2010) 


Note: This post reviews the third book of The Ruby Red Trilogy. You may like to read the first two books in the series, Ruby Red and Sapphire Blue, before reading this review. 

Gwen is still getting used to the idea of time-travel. It is disorienting and downright confusing at times, and everyone involved seems to be keeping a big secret from her – a secret about her destiny as the Ruby in the Circle of Twelve time-travelers. Since no one tells her anything, she decides to figure things out for herself, and make secret visits to the past. She begins to suspect the founder of the Lodge, Count Saint-Germain, to have his own ulterior motive as to why the circle needs to be closed with the Ruby’s blood.

Aside from the pressure to unravel the mystery of the Lodge before she runs out of time, Gwen is continuously frustrated with her time-travel partner, Gideon, who seems to treat her differently each time they are together. Sometimes he acts indifferently and rude, and other times he is charming and wants to kiss her. This only adds to Gwen’s mounting confusing. What are Gideon’s motives for pursuing a relationship with her? Is he really interested in her, or is he, too, only using her to get to what he wants?

In this exciting, page-turning finale, Gwen takes her life, and her heart, into her own hands. She refuses to be anyone’s puppet and boldly discovers the truth for herself – and she learns more than she expected to. This author masterfully wraps up several different characters’ journeys, as well as tying in moments that she foreshadowed all the way back in the first book. This series is now a new favorite of mine in the time-travel genre, as well as young adult.

Click on the links below to get your copy of this book and the others in its series:


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