Ruby Red

Title: Ruby Red
Author: Kerstin Gier, translated from German by Anthea Bell
Series: The Ruby Red Trilogy, book 1/3
Genre: Romance, Time Travel, YA
Publisher: Henry Holt
Release Date: May 10th, 2011
(first published January 6th, 2009)

Ruby Red, book one of its trilogy, tells the story of Gwyneth Shepherd, a seemingly ordinary high-school girl living in modern-day London. That is, until she discovers that she has inherited her family’s time-traveling gene. This comes as a surprise to everyone, particularly because Gwen’s cousin Charlotte was assumed to be the one who would inherit the gene. Charlotte has been preparing for this her entire life, Gwen not at all. She is thrust completely unprepared into The Lodge, the secret society of time-travelers spanning over hundreds of years. There are only twelve time-travelers, each one represented by a precious stone; Gwen, the final stone, is the Ruby. She is to close the circle of time-travelers and fulfill a certain destiny – and she has no idea what that destiny is. 
As with the others before her, Gwen must elapse (the term used for traveling through time) for a certain amount of time per day through means of the the chronograph, one of only two time-traveling devices in the world, to avoid sporadic trips into the past. Once her blood has been entered into the chronograph, it can be used to transport her to an exact date and time in the past. Gwen begins elapsing for hours every day. Sometimes, she is sent into the past for no reason other than meeting her time-traveling quota for the day. Other times, she is sent on important missions – like meeting the intimidating founder of the Lodge, Count Saint Germain – with her time-traveling companion, the diamond, Gideon de Villiers. 
Her relationship with Gideon takes off to a rocky start, primarily because he looks down on Gwen as an unprepared, inexperienced, immature child. Gwen has mixed feelings about him, because even though he looks down on her, he is unbelievably attractive. She can’t help wanting to prove him wrong about her and gain his approval, and maybe his affection as well. Throughout the book, we see the mounting tension in their relationship, which the author masterfully keeps unresolved until the end of the trilogy. As if time-traveling weren’t interesting enough, their romance definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat. 
In addition to the relationship between Gwen and Gideon, I also loved the relationship between Gwen and her best friend, Lesley. Lesley is always there to support Gwen, whether by helping her dig up information on this secret society or by talking it out when Gwen needs someone most. She is such a great best friend that she makes you wish you had a “Lesley” in your life. 

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